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– Read the rules for the presentation of your Poster 1) Send the ABSTRACT by pressing the Green Button – Once it has been Accepted by the Committee 2) Send us the Poster and its defense, with the Code that the Committee has assigned you by pressing the Red Button – The Poster will be published automatically on the web on the first day of the Congress. – On the last day we will publish the 2 Winners. – Remember to read the rules before sending your Poster.

Rules for Sending Communications

  • Communications will be sent exclusively by filling in the submission forms, (green and red button)
  • Communications sent by E-mail, by Fax or by Post will not be accepted.
  • The submission deadline will be October 24, 2021.
  • The summary of the Communication will be evaluated anonymously, so that only the President of the Scientific Committee will know the authorship of the works.
  • The theme of the posters will be Dental Sleep Medicine.

Rules for the presentation of posters

  • The work must be original and not have been presented in any other congress or meeting.
  • ABSTRACTS of the communications will be presented in Spanish or English and in the following order (abstracts in another format will not be accepted):
    • Title: the title must be in capital letters and not exceed 25 words.
    • Authors: a maximum of 7 authors will be entered. The first author does not necessarily have to be the communicator.
    • Work center and Country of the communicator or main author
    • Abstract, including the following headings (the maximum length will be 400 words):
      • Introduction
      • Objectives
      • Material and Methods
      • Results or Conclusions
      • Images: in JPG, PNG or TIFF format at 300dpi minimum (size less than 3 MB – The photo)
    • E-mail of the caller: the system only admits one e-mail per caller, that is, all communications submitted by the same caller must use the same e-mail. Through this e-mail, the Secretariat or the Scientific Committee and the system will contact the caller.
    • In order to send any type of communication, one of the authors must be registered. Only one submission per author who appears as the first signer will be accepted, although the author may participate as co-author in other works.
    • A copy of the poster must be sent in pdf or png format, 120cm high and 90cm wide and 150dpi or (5315px x 7087px x 150px / inch), which will facilitate the work of selection to the scientific committee and to be able to be shown on the website of the Online Congress.
    • The defense video must be sent. How do I make the video? Ask a friend or family member to record the defense of the poster, you will have to describe, present and defend your work, do it in the same way that you would have done in the face-to-face conference. Important data:
      • Landscape format, ideally with a tripod
      • Duration: 5 min maximum.
      • No noise or background music.
      • Shipping method: (once you have the poster number, you can send it by following the instructions on the red button )
    • The sponsorship of scientific posters or the appearance of advertising or commercial logos on them will not be authorized. In case of financial collaboration or materials from a commercial company, it must be stated at the end of the poster as thanks to it.

Correction of Communications already sent

  • To correct a communication it will be done anonymously.
  • It can be corrected online until the submission deadline closes (October 24, 2021)

Selection Process

  • All the abstracts of the communications will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and the resolutions will be sent as soon as possible to the author, indicating if they have been accepted, accepted with corrections or rejected by vote of the Scientific Committee.
  • Communications accepted with corrections must make the corresponding corrections to be definitively accepted.
  • Accepted communications will be responses with a Code for the presentation of the Poster and its defense video of (max. 5 min)
  • Once the poster and the defense video are presented they will be automatically published on the Online Congress website and can be viewed during the congress.

Summary of the complete process

  • Presentation of the Abstract (see rules for the presentation of posters) via Green Button
  • The Committee decides if it is Accepted, Accepted with corrections or Rejected
  • If Accepted, you will receive the Code to present your Poster and defense video
  • Presentation of the Poster and Defense Video via Red Button

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