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Optimizing the experience for Clear Aligner orthodontic patients

The orthodontic clear aligner business is becoming increasingly competitive…seemingly by the minute. As a clinician running a busy clear aligner practice, how do you set yourself apart? Quality results?Sure, but arguably all clinicians provide good clinical results and…beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

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h4>With more than 30 years of healthcare experience, Sheldon Krancher has spent the last decade integrating clear aligner orthodontics into practices worldwide. Sheldon has held positions including European Business Development Director and Regional Development Manager for Align Technology, Global Marketing Director for the UCLA School of Continuing Education Dentistry, and currently leads Teams providing Clinical Consulting Services to Align Technology. /h4>

Sheldon co-founded ClearTPS in 2012 and ClearForward in 2017, world leaders in clear aligner diagnostics and treatment plan optimization.


Consultant at OrthoEd Institute
Experienced Entrepreneur and Business Development Speaker


  • Management of the sales organization, coaching, development and training.
  • Develop sound business models and plans, solutions and strategies based on business needs.
  • Identify development and growth opportunities within organizations, markets and teams.
  • Contract negotiation and direct sales strategies for medical and dental offices.
  • Creating a training and development structure and execution plan for a leading sales organization

  • Fluency in Dutch, with basic reading and writing skills.

  • Vered in Spanish, with basic reading/writing skills

  • The ability to function well in an intercultural environment

  • Languages: 🇺🇸 🇳🇱

    OrthoEd Institute, Consultant 2018 – Present
    Clear Aligner Treatment Planning and Business Development Consultant

    ArchForm, consultant 2018 – Present
    Global Business Development Consultant

    ClearForward, Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member 2018 – Present Clear Aligner Consulting

    Clear Global (ClearTPS), Co-Founder and CEO 2012 – Present Clear Aligner Consulting, Invisalign

    MiSmile Network North America, co-founder 2015 – 2017 Invisalign Practice Network; Practice, Marketing and Clinical Consulting

    New Patients Group, Co-founder 2013 – 2015 Practice and Marketing Consulting

    Align Technology BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2011 – 2012 Channel Development Manager, Europe

    Align Technology Inc., Houston, Texas 2007 – 2011 Regional Development Manager

    Smiths Medical, Division of Diabetes, Houston, Texas 2005 – 2008 Diabetes II Sales Specialist

    Capital One Healthcare Finance, Los Angeles, California 2005 – 2006 Healthcare Finance Sales Consultant

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    The orthodontic clear aligner business is getting more and more competitive…seemingly by the minute. As a clinician running a busy clear aligner practice, how do you set yourself apart? Quality results? Sure, but arguably all clinicians provide good clinical results and…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Best price? Expedited treatment times? Remote consultations? Treatment monitoring?

    What if all of these things were seen as the same or “all the same” in the eyes of your patients? What would be your differentiator then?

    We live in a consumer-driven world where service and experience matter more than ever! We are also competing against Direct to Consumer clear aligner companies that are a threat to the dental and orthodontic professions and patient care. The time to differentiate is now. Now is the time to intentionally, consistently, and effectively “optimize the clear aligner orthodontic patient experience.”< /span>

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