Lasers In Dentistry: Guide For Clinical Practice – Freitas / Simoes

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Autores: Patricia de Freitas / Alyne Simoes
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Lasers have become an increasingly useful tool in conventional dental practice. Their precision and less invasive quality make them an attractive technology in esthetic and pediatric dentistry, oral medicine, and a range of other dental procedures. Lasers in Dentistry: Guide for Clinical Practice is a comprehensive, yet concise and easy-to-use guide to integrating lasers into conventional clinical practice.

The book begins by providing the reader a thorough understanding of how lasers work and their varied effects on oral tissues. Subsequent chapters are organized by procedure type, illustrating common clinical techniques with step-by-step illustrations and case examples. In addition, each chapter provides an overview of the latest research for use in clinical practice. More comprehensive than at atlas yet practical and clinically oriented in its approach, Lasers in Dentistry is an essential tool for practitioners and students looking to broader their skill set in laser dentistry.


Section i. Basic Principles of Lasers and LED

Chapter 1. Basic Concepts on Lasers and LED Physics

Clóvis Grecco, José Dirceu Vollet-Filho, Mariana Torres Carvalho, Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato

Chapter 2. High Power Lasers and Their Interaction with Biological Tissues

Denise Maria Zezell and Patricia Aparecida da Ana

Chapter 3. Low Power Lasers – Introduction

Maria Cristina Chavantes, Martha Simões Ribeiro, and Nathali Cordeiro Pinto

Chapter 4. Cellular Mechanisms of Photobiomodulation Behind the Clinical Findings

Tiina I. Karu

Chapter 5. Laser Phototherapy – Mechanisms of Action – Inflammatory Process

Jan Magnus Bjordal andRodrigo Alvaro Brandão Lopes-Martins

Chapter 6. Laser Phototherapy – Mechanism of Action – Analgesia

Roberta Chow

Chapter 7. Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy in Dentistry

Felipe F. Sperandio, Caetano P. Sabino, Daniela Vecchio, Maria Garcia-Diaz, Liyi Huang, Ying-Ying Huang, Michael R. Hamblin

Chapter 8. Dosimetry

Jan Tunér, Martha Simões Ribeiro, Alyne Simões

Chapter 9. Risk Management and Laser Technology: Safe Use

Rosely Cordon

Section ii. Preventive, Esthetic AND RESTORATIVE Dentistry

Chapter 10. Selective Caries Removal, Cavity Preparation and Adhesion to Irradiated Tissues

Patricia Moreira de Freitas, Marcelo Giannini, Junji Tagami, Simone Gonçalves Moretto

Chapter 11. Management of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions

Ana Cecilia Corrêa Aranha, Karen Müller Ramalho, Marcella Esteves-Oliveira

Chapter 12. Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy for Carious Tissue

Giselle Rodrigues de Sant’Anna and Danilo Antônio Duarte

Chapter 13. Treatment of Internal Ceramic Surfaces

Carlos de Paula Eduardo, Marina Stella Bello-Silva, Paulo Francisco Cesar

Chapter 14. Dental Bleaching with LEDs and Lasers

Fátima Zanin, Aldo Brugnera Junior, and Mateus Cüstola Windlin

Chapter 15. Caries Diagnosis

Mariana Minatel Braga, Thais Gimenez, Fausto Medeiros Mendes, Christopher Deery, David N. J. Ricketts

Chapter 16. Lasers in Caries Prevention

Lidiany Karla Azevedo Rodrigues, Patricia Moreira Freitas, Marinês Nobre dos Santos Uchoa

section iii. Endodontics

Chapter 17. Bacterial Reduction in Root Canals Using Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy

Aguinaldo S. Garcez and Silvia C. Núñez

Chapter 18. High Power Lasers in Apical Surgery

Sheila Gouw-Soares, José Luiz Lage-Marques and Cláudia Strefezza

Chapter 19. High Power Lasers in Endodontics

José Luiz Lage-Marques, Sheila Gouw Soares and Claudia Strefezza

section iv. Periodontology

Chapter 20. Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

Leticia Helena Theodoro and Valdir Gouveia Garcia

Chapter 21. Antimicrobial Photodynaimic Therapy in the Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

Valdir Gouveia Garcia and Letícia Helena Theodoro

Chapter 22. Esthetic Treatment of Gingival Melanin Hyperpigmentation with Er: YAG Laser

Daniel Simões de Almeida Rosa and Akira Aoki

section v. Oral Surgery

Chapter 23. Lasers in Soft Tissue Surgeries

Luciane Hiramatsu Azevedo e Marinês Sammamed Freire Trevisan

Chapter 24. Implantodontology

Juliana Marotti and Georgios E. Romanos

Chapter 25. Bone Biomodulation

Antonio Luiz Barbosa Pinheiro, Aparecida Maria Cordeiro Marques, Luiz Guilherme Pinheiro Soares and Artur Felipe Santos Barbosa

Chapter 26. Use of Low Level Laser Therapy in Lymphatic Drainage for Edema Treatment

Luicana Almeida-Lopes and Attilio Lopes

section vi. Orthodontics and Orofacial Pain

Chapter 27. Temporomandibular Disorders

Caroline Maria Gomes Dantas and Carolina Lapaz Vivan

Chapter 28. Low Level Lasers in Orthodontics

Marinês Vieira S. Sousa

Chapter 29. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Lasertherapy

Mario Pansini, Fabiano Augusto Sfier de Mello and Andrea Malluf Dabul de Mello


Chapter 30. Papilloma and Fibroma

Luiz Alcino Guerios, Igor Henrique Silva, Lucia Santos and Jair Carneiro Leão

Chapter 31. Hemangioma and Lymphangioma

Luciane Hiramatsu Azevedo and Cláudia Strefezza

Chapter 32. Non-Neoplastic Proliferative Lesions or Soft Tissue Tumour-Like Lesions of the Oral Cavity

Vivian Cunha Galletta Kern, Edgar Nakajima, Rodrigo Ramos Vieira and Luciane Hiramatsu Azevedo

Chapter 33. Oral Mucocele

Luciana Corrêa and Luciane Hiratsu Azevedo

Chapter 34. Potentially Malignant Disorders of the Oral Mucosa

Vivian Cunha Galletta Kern, Ana Claudia Luiz, Edgar Nakajima, Luciane Hiramatsu Azevedo, and Dante Antonio Migliari

Chapter 35. Herpes

Juliana Marotti

Chapter 36. Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers

Leila Soares Ferreira and Daiane Thais Meneguzzo

Chapter 37. Burning Mouth Syndrome

Lucia de Fátima Cavalcanti dos Santos and Jair Carneiro Leão

Chapter 38. Nerve Repair by Light

Felipe F. Sperandio, Ying-Ying Huang, Nivaldo Parizotto and Michael R. Hamblin

section viii. Laser and Antimicrobial photodynamic therapies in cancer patients

Chapter 39. Optical Diagnostics of Cancer and Potentially Malignant Lesions

Cristina Kurachi, Lilian Tan Moriyama, and Alessandro Cosci

Chapter 40. Laser Therapy in the Prevention and Treatment of Oral Mucositis

Alyne Simões, Fernanda de Paula Eduardo, Cesar A. Migliorati and Mark Schubert

Chapter 41. Cost-Effectiveness of the Laser Therapy in Hospital Practice

Leticia Mello Bezinelli, Fernanda de Paula Eduardo and Luciana Corrêa

Chapter 42. Laser Therapy for Hyposalivation and Xerostomia

Alyne Simões, Luana de Campos, Victor Elias Arana-Chavez and José Nicolau

Chapter 43. Photoactivated Disinfection Therapy in Cancer Patients

Luana de Campos, Cesar A. Migliorati and Alyne Simões

Chapter 44. Photodynamic Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Juliana Ferreira and Elodie Debefve

Author Information:

Patrícia M. Freitas, DDS, PhD, is Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Special Laboratory of Lasers in Dentistry at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. She holds positions in the World Federation of Lasers in Dentistry and the Brazilian Association of Lasers in Dentistry, and lectures internationally on various topics in laser dentistry.

Alyne Simões, DDS, PhD, is Professor of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. Her work focuses on laser dentistry, LED and PDT in the treatment of oral mucositis, salivary gland hypofunction by chemotherapy and diabetes, and the effect of laser therapy in oral and systemic changes arising from these conditions.

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