Orthopantomography – Pandolfo / Mazziotti

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Autores: Ignazio Pandolfo, Silvio Mazziotti
Idioma: Inglés
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ISBN: 978-8-847-05289-5

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Ideal guide to routine interpretation and reporting of OPTs
Provides both technical and clinical information
Suggests solutions for all of the most common diagnostic and methodological problems
Richly illustrated
Although orthopantomography (OPT) is a very frequently employed radiological examination, even the expert radiologist can encounter difficulty in reporting the findings owing to the specific terminology, the nature of the diagnostic queries, and the need to describe precisely the clinical implications for the dentist. Additionally, artifacts are a frequent occurrence, and many radiologists and dentists are unfamiliar with their causes and solutions. Methodological inaccuracies during the execution of OPTs also have important clinical implications. For all of these reasons, this richly illustrated monograph on OPT sets out to describe in detail diverse technical and methodological aspects of the examination, from image acquisition through to artifact generation due to lack of experience or malfunctioning. Possible solutions are suggested for all of the most common diagnostic and methodological problems. Emphasis is placed on appropriate terminology and guidance offered on the interpretation of findings in a range of conditions, including the most common odontological problems. This book will be of great value to the radiologist in routine interpretation and reporting of OPTs.​

Table of Contents:

Hints of Technique and Methodology Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)
Normal Anatomy Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)
Alterations of Number, Orientation, Seat, Morphology, Width and Structure of the Dental Element Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)
Caries Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)
Periapical Lesions Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)
The Periodontal Disease Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)
Cystic Lesions and Maxillary Tumours Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)
OPT in Post-treatment Evaluation Pandolfo, Ignazio (et al.)

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