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OOA offers its users a wide variety of content for its training and facilitates direct contact with the most renowned orthodontic teachers.

Exclusive Online Courses

Courses in Virtual Classroom, of medium and long duration divided into modules and lessons.
Live classes (online) with the teacher at your disposal to interact with him. All classes are recorded to review again at the time you want.
Evaluation through learning itinerary with questions / exams.

Diagnosis and Case Support

Not only do we help you train and be updated in the world of orthodontics, but we also accompany you and tutor you in the practice of your activity. We put our best experts at your disposal.
Consult your trusted expert doctor. Confirm and strengthen your diagnosis, follow up on your cases and finalize them successfully. In the most comfortable, fast and simple way.

Specialized Monographic Courses

We will offer you the possibility to see live or recorded courses of the most renowned specialists in the world. Specialized monographs of short or medium duration in which you can see and be aware of new trends and different specialties of orthodontics.


Ortodoncia. Ciencia y Evidencia

Authors: P. Colino Gallardo y B.H. García-Coffín
Language: Spanish
Pages: More than 270 pages in full color
Size: 21 x 29,7 cms
Bookbinding: luxury with hard cover
Paper: couché gloss of 150 grs.
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 978-84-945590-7-5
Publishing house: Atlantis Editorial

Odontopediatría. Bebés, Niños y Adolecentes

Authors: Boj JR, Catalá M, Mendoza A, Planells, P, Cortés O
Language: Español
Pages: 624 full color pages
Size: 21,5 x 29 cm.
Bookbinding: luxury with hard cover
ISBN: 978-607-98336-0-2
Editorial: Ocontología Books

Principios de la Técnica CSW. Brackets y Cementado Directo e Indirecto

Author: Dr. Pablo Echarri
Language: Spanish
Pages: 328 pages with more than 650 images and explanatory tables.
Size: 22 x 29,7 cm.
Bookbinding: luxury with hard cover
ISBN: 978-607-96857-3-7
Publishing house: Odontología Books

Diagnóstico y tratamiento en Ortodoncia

Author: Josep Mª Ustrell Torrent
Language: Spanish
Pages: 592 pages
Size: 17 x 24 cm.
ISBN: 978-84-902211-6-7
Publishing house: Elsevier

Atlas de Cirugía Bucal y Ortodoncia

Authors: María Peñarrocha Diago y Miguel Peñarrocha Diago
Language: Spanish
Pages: 272 pages
Size: 23 x 29 cm.
Bookbinding: luxury with hard cover
ISBN: 978-84-15950-16-5
Publishing house: Ergón

Ortodoncia Contemporánea

Author: Dr. W.R. Proffit
Language: Spanish
Pages: 768 Pages in full color
Size: 22 x 28 cm.
Bookbinding: luxury with hard cover
ISBN: 978-84-902231-4-7
Publishing house: Elsevier

Fundamentos de la Mecánica del Tratamiento Ortodóncico

Authors: Dr. John Bennett y Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin
Language: Spanish
Pages: 289 pages
Size: 21 x 28 cm.
Bookbinding: luxury with hard cover
ISBN: 978-0-9564555-4-3
Publishing house: Le Grande

Ortodoncia. Atlas color y conceptos fundamentales de tratamiento

Author: Andrea Wichelhaus
Language: Spanish
Pages: 584 pages in full color
Size: 23 x 31 cm.
Bookbinding: luxury with hard cover
ISBN: 978-607-93568-8-0
Publishing house: Médica Panamericana

Ortodoncia. Principios y Técnicas Actuales

Authors: Lee W. Graber, Katherine W. L. Vig, Robert L. Vanarsdall, Greg J. Huang
Language: Spanish
Pages: 1040 pages in full color
Size: 21,6 x 29,7 cm.
Edition: 6ª Edition (2017)
ISBN: 978-84-911313-9-7
Publishing house: Elsevier

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